(photo 1 || top: april 10th, 2017 - 5 days post op / pre T bottom: 7.5 months post op / 6 months on T

photo 2 || left: 17 days post op (yes i dyed my hair blue during the first week of recovery)/ pre T right: 7.5 months post op / 6 months on T)


Yet another comparison picture because all i see here is that i’m gaining more room on my arms and upper body for one of my favorite form of self expression : tattoos ! and that (+those other very good things) makes me a very happy human !😁🙌🏼 (had ‘double incision w/ nipple grafts’ & ‘Mansculpture’ with @drcharlesgarramonein Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 6th, 2017)


#transgender #trans #nonbinary #FTM

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