holding hands, not holding hands

it’s part of the game we play

not by choice

but by force

thats what society as in hand

but ironically those hands stay holding

molding and molding whats acceptable

and whats not

laughing and loving then suddenly we stop

not that we want to

but almost a red light telling us we have to

or else we’ll cause an accident, a coalition of some sort

holding hands

little laughs of conversation

right as we go in front of them

“oh my god, haha i know exactly what you’re talking about and looking at”

as we hear those words from the back of our heads
it takes all i have in me not to flip the fuck out 

but then i think is it really worth it

will they just be winning if i react?

or if i turn around will they admit their words?

so many questions and scenarios run through my mined

but what is the answer?

still holding hands

looking down at the ground

when someone stares
they’re not looking at us though, not as regular people


they look at our hands 
the same hands that apparently look so different

when they’re not holding her hand 
i want to stand up for her and myself but 
then i get scared.

now our hands are apart

they have won once again

anger boils within me

i want to punch society in the face

with my hands

the hands that don’t want to be afraid anymore

the hands that want to hold my GIRLFRIEND’S hand 
with out the weird stares, dirty looks, or disrespectful laughs

its just a human hand 
why is it that some just don’t understand


that’s societies fault at hand.

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