Okay well me coming out sucked. I never really fully came out, I'm still trying to work on it. I only told my parents and sister at first because that's what I felt most comfortable with. My parents disowned me and still do to this day and my sister is kind of okay with it but thinks it's "weird" and "not normal." My friends know about me being gay and their fine with it, which gives me a little relief and hope for when I fully come out. I'm still hesitant to come out though because of my parents and the rest of my family. My dads side is hardcore Christian (I'm Jewish) and I know that if either sides of my family found out I'd be dead. Since I came out I've been threatened to get kicked out of my house twice (another threat just happened 2 days ago) and I've been practically ignored by my parents. I am still not completely out due to the fear that it's going to happen again but I've definitely made progress and I am still proud of who I am no matter what.

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