Hello, my boyfriend (non-binary) told me about this site, and I am a trans(Ftm). I am fifteen, and I have lived in Christian homes all my life, and it has not been easy, lemme tell ya that. But saying that, my foster parents won't do anything to help me with getting a binder and honestly I would do anything for a binder. Like my boyfriend, my family didn't bother to take custody of me and my siblings. And throughout the past ten years, I was hurt a lot, mentally and just last year, I came out that I was molested and sexually abused by my foster brother, and thats a partial reason why I am trans, but ive always felt like a guy, nonetheless looked like a guy. And after my last break up just a few months ago, I came out as transgender, and my, now, boyfriend was so accepting and all my friends as well.but honestly, I would do anything for a binder, and yeah.. I am not a good writer, but my this is my story, thanks for taking a look at my story.

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