My name is Shirley and I'm 19 years old. I'm gay and honestly I don't remember that much when I came out. I remember I told my mom it's was a shocked to her at first but then she was okay with it. At first it was hard like everyone else but then it was alright. I guess everyone was okay with me being gay expect for me. I always thought about what would people say, what would people think, would they threat me different, etc... I never wanted to face reality. Until one day I said fuck it, I like whoever I like my family is okay with that so I shouldn't care about what other people think about. Family comes first and if they didn't care that I was gay that was enough for me. Since I was 17 I've been openly gay and there's no better feeling then feeling good about who you are and through the past years I've been learning that closets are for clothes and not people and if that you're afraid to come out you shouldn't because that peace that you get with your inner self is way better than anything else... if you ever want to talk to me feel free and follow me on tumblr as shirleyperez.


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