My sophomore year, I transferred from my public high school to a boarding school far from home. I didn't know anyone there and was terrified not only of trying to make friends, but of trying to make friends that were different like me. After my first month there, I was fed up with everyone asking me what boy I liked or if I would go out with this guy. Every time someone would assume that I was straight my heart sank to the bottom of my chest. I decided to come out in the very popular school newspaper. After the entire school read my article titled "Love Wins", I received a wave of love and support from everyone that passed me in the halls or around campus. Teachers emailed me about how brave I was and closeted students came to me for advice. Coming out was one of my most challenging yet proud moments of my entire life. If I had to give advice to anyone who wants to come out to their family, friends, or maybe the entire school like me, I would say that when you are ready you will know. And when you are ready, remember who's negative opinions about you actually matter, no ones. Coming out is not easy and people will recognize your bravery. Love always wins.

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