Gay Pure Love

So, how do I start this? Let's take a trip down memory lane. This takes us 7 years ago. The thing is, deep down I knew something was going on. I was a little kid in 4th Grade and things started to change. I started to like this kid that was in my class; but when I say like I mean "MORE THAN LIKE". I thought it was something that would just go by unnoticed; perhaps I was so wrong. This boy would change my life completely. I grew up in a very loving family, but they never accepted homosexuality. I had a war going on inside of me, some guys called me names and I felt really sad. I forced myself to constantly like girls and it was so stupid. Meanwhile this boy was driving me crazy and I couldn't avoid nor ignore those feelings. So one day I told myself: okay if you decide to call yourself 'gay' then you'll have to live alone with no one at your side. Since I was pretty scared that my mom and dad would not approve. (They didn't know yet) The years went by and I stumbled upon a gay couple's youtube channel and that was the turning point. I saw pure love, hope, respect and happiness in the way they saw each other. I wasn't willing to give that happiness away just because society and my parents didn't like it. My hopes rose up and that same year I told the boy I love that he meant the world to me; he took it GREAT, until today he's my best friend. We talked about it a lot and I realized that my happiness needed to be shared. That's when I creates my blog on Tumblr, called Gay Pure Love. Media tends to portray homosexuality as only pleasure, lust and nothing more than just a very bad miscomprehended representation of the gay community. So in my blog I try to show the LOVE between to men, how pure and awesomely it can be. Now my mom and dad knows my sexual preference and it's a constant discussion since they're not so open, but we're progressing. Anyone who reads this: please be yourselves, no matter what or whom try to harm and bring you down. You are SO beautiful the way you are, your true colors. We need people like you in this world that spread love and equality. Sometimes life can be tough, but good things are not easy and they're worth fighting for. Society more than now needs love and some reject it, love and let love. It was difficult for me to accept myself, but now I see whom I've become and all I can do is smile. I'm proud of who I am and the love I give. Always hope, you're not alone. ❤

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