I was never really that 'different' when I was a kid, I was girly, I wore dresses, I played with barbies and other girls. I was just never one of the girls who pretended to 'marry' the boys in my class. I just didn't interact with them. When I was 10, I realized maybe I'd never get a crush on one of the boys like everyone else seemed to. I copied everything my best friend at the time said about boys and pretty successfully faked a crush on one of my guy friends. I still don't know why I did that. I tried just repressing my feelings for a while, trying to ignore my crush on jade west from victorious (I was ten don't judge me) and avoiding any conversation about boys. Then I started high school. I go to a girls school, so no one asks about who I liked because heteronormativity. There was a girl in my form and I felt like a character in a generic romance novel. I told myself I just thought she was pretty for a bit but eventually I started questioning. I don't even know how many labels I went through before I just accepted that I'm gay. Labels aren't even that important to me now. Then I had to come out to my family. I came out to my friends pretty much as soon as I knew and for newer friends it's just how I am and have always been. With my dad I just stuck up my pride flag while he was around and he never questioned it. I just made it obvious for my mum and brother but the first time I mentioned it directly it was still scary. Coming out isn't just something you do once. It gets easier but it's always a little intimidating even if you know you'll be accepted. But the first time is the hardest and if you're planning to come out soon, make sure you're completely okay with who you are first and good luck!

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