Sarah Wilson

l was so scared to come out, and for no reason. I knew my family would support me, and I knew my friends would love me even more for it! But I was still terrified. Then one day, the person l was with outed me. I was mad, I was scared, and l was embarrassed. l was vulnerable, something l tried so hard to keep a secret all of these years was finally out. That was all until I got the most unexpected reaction l could have imagined... People started coming out to me. At least 10 people in the first couple weeks came out to me as bisexual, gay, or lesbian. I went from being terrified to even talk about girls, to being able to help others come to terms with themselves, something that l could have never imagined. Coming out is scary, but you'll know when the time is right, and when it is, it will feel like you're finally living your life. People will always surprise you and they will always love you.

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