Harley Nobles

11 Things that I, a trans guy, appreciate while dating or just in general

1.Compliments on muscle tone. Arms/vascularity especially.

2.Saying my voice is attractive, even if it’s squeaky at times.

3.Call me handsome or hot instead of cute. It sucks looking like a 14 yr old guy(pre-t), and saying cute just seems like you’re admiring my “boyishly” good looks.

4. Never refer to me as a girl, even in my past life. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. 

5. Don’t ask to see my “girl” pictures. Just don’t.

6. Ask questions if you’re curious but be mindful of boundaries and approach questioning with caution. 

7. Don’t assume that I don’t want to receive sexual advances but respect me if I don’t.

8. Don’t comment on my chest pre-op, EVER. Some of us endure hrs of binding to have a somewhat flat chest, and not all of us have $5000+ to spend on top surgery.

9. Never just go for it during sex. i.e don’t shove your hands down a trans guy’s pants. You don’t know what you might find or if he even wants you to know.

10. Never out him to people. We want to pass in society as men. Although if someone, such as a friend/family member misgenders us, please correct them.

11. The most important thing out of all of this is SUPPORT. It’s not easy going through a transition from one gender/sex to another. Just knowing I have someone to share with is so fucking great. Also please acknowledge that I am one trans guy out of thousands, we aren’t all the same.

This is just a little insight into things I’ve never had girls do immediately without telling them to do it.

Tumblr/IG/Twitter: gaydaraid

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