I was first outed in high school by a girl I thought was one of my close friends. I had this best friend who was obviously my first crush and she was amazingly breathtaking and hilarious. She came out at bisexual and I also did. We flirted with the idea of being together and slowly came out to those closest to us.

I came out to a few of my friends and one of those friends ended up telling a bunch of kids we went to school with. At first I was terrified and pissed at people finding out and didn't really know how to react. I was terrified that I would be bashed and teased for being who I was and pissed that someone I thought I could trust would so easily spread my personal business around. I was lucky enough that people didn't have much of a reaction to the news or they didn't believe it. When it comes to my mother she forced me to come out by housing me with questions and yelling .

When I finally told her she didn't take it well at first but now years later she's starting to get used to it. She's yet to say I love you I matter what but hey got to take baby steps lol I'm now 23 and happier than ever with who I am and love being a lesbian woman. I like to think those of us that are apart of our community were specially picked.

My bit of advice, you'll meet a lot of temporary people between the ages of 18-22. Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay, some are there to simply teach you a lesson. Some are there to open you up and show you a new and different part of who you are and some are there forever. No matter what life your life doing what makes you most happy with the people who make you feel the most comfortable


#bisexual #lesbian

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