I Just Want to Be Able to Be Safe and Comfortable at Home

I am queer, black, and young amongst other boxes that I have to put myself into so society can accept me and see me as normal. Nonetheless, I dream with a day. The day, I will be saying and I can feel safe at home while openly carrying all this boxes and labels as my given identity by society. I grew up in a very liberal and open-minded home. But as I was growing up, home became more than just the place I sleep or have meals with my family.

Home is the place that all those we love live. In this case my beloved home town. Not so long ago I find out that I love and I am attracted to both, women and men. Now since I used the word “love” it is and was supposed to be all pick and blue as the movies tell us.

That should have been my case and the of every other member of the LGBT+ community around the world. My life should have been a movie. However, this is far from being the fairy tail I wish my life was. I was born in a country that people like me a thought as diseased or abnormal. I have for a couple of years been living outside of my country. Strangely enough I am coming to a point that the other places are being more “home” than “home.” I have made a lot of friends as well as met so many people that I wish well and I cherish. I have now deliberately decided to make them my family. All it, so I can tell my self I have a “home” since the “home” I belong to might take a while to accept me as I am.

I never chose who to be and whom to love, yet in the country that I come from it is a motive for societal prosecution. I have so much to offer to my home (hometown) but I cannot because for most of the people there I am the one who needs help instead. And I do indeed.

Let me go to the point. I have said much but being little clear. No one choses who wants to love or be attracted to, hence the choice should not be questionable or subject for debate. The only help that I really need is for everyone start loving one and other. Love does not know pre-requisites and impositions.

Love does not know religion, race, social status, political party, tribe or so.


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