So I always had a crush on this girl at my school but she was straight :/ but I knew I liked girls so I told my best friend Emma, I loved Emma, she was so cool and funny, I never liked having more than one best friend so she was like my only friend :/. She told me that one of her friends Ashley was also lesbian and I knew Ashley, she was funny and pretty cute so I asked Emma for her number and I started talking to her and she didn't want to get in a relationship because her last relationship was horrible but Mia invited me and Ashley to spend the night at her house one day.

When I got to Mia's house I was so nervous I was shaking. Ashley got there a couple minutes later and it was kinda awkward I didn't know what to say but we ended up talking and Emma's mom took us to get ice cream and a movie from redbox and we got the duff. We were all watching the movie and Ashley and me were sharing ice cream and Emma just says "so are y'all dating now" and we looked at each other and she said yes.

I was so happy we had a fun summer together. Going to splashtown, going to my family's house, and to hers. And we loved each other. But when I started going places with Ashley, Emma would get mad and so she'd take Emma places without me and so I told her I'm taking Ashley with me on Halloween and Emma said "that was my friend first so I'm taking her with me" we ended up in a fight and not talking. Me and Ashley's relationship was just getting harder, I would sit with her at lunch and she would tell me stuff Emma would say about me to her in class and I'd get mad.

So that day I texted Emma and we talked about it and ending up being friends again. And a family member was dying and I came home to hear that Emma told me Ashley and her hang out a lot because they have thoughts about killing themselves and I just got so mad because I thought about how my family member is fighting for his life and I told Emma I don't know if I can date her anymore.

She begged me not to break up with Ashley so I didn't, and one day while I was FaceTiming Emma she told me that the reason her and Ashley have so many problems is because of me. So I asked Haley if I was a problem for her and she said I wasn't a problem. And I knew it was Emma who made that up so I told Ashley me or Emma and she chose Emma and said "she told me about how you wanted to break up with me" and I was so heartbroken, I hugged my dad crying my eyes out and I just texted Mia because I had nobody else I only liked having one friend and I lost her and she texted me back and I facetimed her and she started crying and I was crying and we became friends again.

But the next day I told Emma I need someone else because it just hurts so bad. And she said "well it's only been a day, it's gonna take a while". When I got home I facetimed Emma and was talking to her and she said "Ashley was waiting to break up with you before because you said you wanted to break up with her" and I got so mad because Emma never told me she wanted to break up with me but if I wanted to break up with Ashley she would tell Ashley and I started yelling at Emma.

Then she started crying and said "I don't think I wanna be your friend anymore." And hung up. I was a mess but I made some amazing friends and they are so funny, I don't know what I'd do without them. Emma and Haley are still friends and I'm still going to school with them til the rest of highschool. :/

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