She said, “Fuck you, Holly!” I said, “Okay, when?” A typical joke between two friends. Of course, I wasn’t joking..

Sophomore year of high school is when I came out. However, I don’t want this to be so much of a coming out story as it is an inspirational piece of camaraderie. Everyone has a story, but the story really begins with you. Maybe we have similarities, maybe we have differences; but for sure we can all be present with each other and empathize with one another’s struggles and joys.

I truly believe the first step is to be comfortable with who you are. Definitely I have not always been cozy in my skin. I was a poodle haired, nerdy, skater girl, tomboy, confused kid who had her heart broken many times, who went to counseling, who thought she might kill herself, who struggled with religion and being gay, who just wasn’t super into being Holly. I could go into every single detail. The coming out story, the heart break, the loss, the religion struggle, but I am who I am today because of everything that happened yesterday. And now instead of focusing on the past, I focus on right this moment.

I am comfortable with who I am because today, the world is my oyster. I encourage everyone reading this to focus on this aspect of your life. Find out what you’re passionate about. Being gay is such a small part of who you are, it’s no definition. If you’re not quite there yet, as far as being comfortable with who you are; surround yourself with good, genuine people. Positive vibes, baby. And remember, the world is YOUR oyster.. go find your pearl and run with it

Always here to listen, give advice, answer questions, tell crazy life stories (my passion is traveling so I love to chat about that!)




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