My story is about how I fell in love with my best friend while talking to a boy at the same time.

Back then me and my best friend were just friends, we weren't close at all. I started developing feelings for her when I started to get closer to her and got to know the amazing person she really is. At the time I was talking to this boy who I didn't have a lot in common with, but he was a fast texter and gave me attention.

I started digging my best friend more and him less, then I came to a conclusion of the "oh my god I'm in love with my best friend". Looking back at that I'd advise anyone who feels different about who they are and what they're into (male/female) to go and take those risks.

Even if you get turned down by your crush, so what? Eventually someone will be there and you'll find the love that you need. Till this day my best friend and I are super close and I couldn't imagine my life without her in it.


#lesbian #gay

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