(This is a picture of my girlfriend and I. I'm on the left, because I guess she is always right)

As you can imagine, coming out has been one of the most important things in my life. Prior to it, I had been extremely depressed and didn't fully know why. I had always figured I was gay, but I never admitted it. Even to myself.

One of the few memories I can remember from my childhood was kissing a girl in preschool under the slide. Many, many times. I guess that should've sealed the deal. Throughout my tweens and into my early teenage years I dated guys, lots of guys. I think I was trying to convince myself that I actually liked them. And I did, but it never felt right. I also had a crush on one of my girl friends, so there's that.

Then one day it my life started to make sense. I met my first love at the age of fourteen, (my then girlfriend) Ariana. I had this overwhelming feeling and attraction to her. Yep, definitely gay. As it goes, we told everyone we were just good friends (typical). We played basketball together and her and her parents were picking me up for a game one day. I met her at my door and she kissed me as we were walking back to the car. Her super anti-gay parents saw the kiss in the reflection of my neighbor's window. The fucking reflection. When we got in the car I could feel her dad's eyes burning a hole in my forehead.

I don't think many people have a typical "coming out story" and mine isn't any different. Sure enough as I'm getting dressed the next morning to go back to the basketball tournament from the previous day, the door bell rings. It's her fucking parents. They come in and decide it was their responsibility to tell my mom that I'm gay. Yep. They then proceed to tell her that they hope she does the right thing and want a follow-up as to what my punishment will be.

I have the best mom in the whole wide world. In so many words, she told them to shove it up their asses and it wasn't any of their "damn business" to tell her daughter how to live. Meanwhile, I'm sitting there, 14 years old, crying on the couch. Needless to say it made the next week super awkward.

My mom has always accepted me and my sexuality, but it wasn't until about three years ago (I'm now 22) that she fully accepted the fact that I'm not going to date men anymore. A couple days after I was outed, she told me through tears that she doesn't wish I was straight, but she just wished that my life wouldn't be hard. For the most part, it hasn't. I've had derogatory comments made to me, been told to get out of the women's restroom and had some nasty glares, but I've been pretty lucky. The teachers I had in high school when this happened were all extremely supportive of me. The friends, bosses, colleagues I've had all embrace me.

Don't ever let someone else dictate how you're supposed to live your life. Don't let people throw the bible in your face, as far as it see it, they don't know God any better than they do. Have they met face to face? Be happy with who you are, because that's all that matters.

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