When you feel it, you know. When you are with someone for long periods of time and feel a connection, you are most likely bound to fall in love with them. This is what happened to me. I naturally fell in love with another girl. This was all just the beginning for my new self-discovery and I was scared. Yet, I truly knew how I felt so it was definitely worth it to me.

I’ll never forget when I came out. Who will, right? It’s even complicated to write about it, but long story short, I brought my girlfriend (at the time) over to my mother’s house and made it seem like she was just a friend and things got pretty bad. Well, as you know I’m sure, this was a bad idea. With the way my girlfriend dressed, my mother instantly knew what was going on. She pulled me to the next room and asked me if my friend liked me and so I said, “Yes, and I like her too.” My mother was distraught and this led to many arguments up ahead. Sadly, her and I lost communication for a couple of months. As of now though, things have gotten a lot better and we’re back to having a close relationship. She has even learned to accept my sexuality.

It took time, but it happened. And it took time for me as well to actually understand how I was feeling. I gained a lot of friends through this time and I felt welcomed, but I had to put myself out there and I was okay with that.

I have learned so much about myself and have come to I identify as queer overall, but more specifically bisexual. As of right now, I am more attracted to women than I am to men. I am happy where I am with my sexuality and I feel more like myself. I’m even more excited to learn more about myself and be able to do that while I try new things and meet new people.

All I know is that when I felt it, I knew. And if you feel it, then let it happen. Don’t run away from it. It will be hard, but it is so worth it. You will only thank yourself for it in the future and you will be happy with yourself. It takes time, but it will happen.

#queer #bisexual

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