Hi everyone! My name is Madeline and I am the c0-founder of "Defined by Me." DBM is a safe place for those in the LGBT community where they can embrace and define themselves, regardless of societal norms and self-doubt.

I was fortunate growing up to be surrounded by very loving and supportive friends and family. However, that did not mean that I was not having trouble coming to terms with my own sexuality.

Since I can remember, I knew that I liked girls in a "different" way. I never thought anything of it growing up, but when I entered high school, I felt as though I was obligated to tell my family and friends.

I was really nervous to tell people. I knew that once I told people, my sexuality would become more of a "reality." I was struggling with wishing I could like people regardless of gender, but knowing that I didn't actually feel that way.

I knew that my life would be different... or so I thought? When I started thinking about telling my family, every time I looked at them, I kept thinking, "Are they going to look at me differently?"  For years I struggled with this. 

After my first girlfriend of 3 years and I ended (I was a sophmore in high school), I was "forced out" of the closet. My ex-girlfriend's mom had told my mom that she knew we were more than just friends and had seen us kissing. For years, I had lied to my mom's face. I always told her everything, except when it came to my sexuality. I knew she would always support me, but I never had the courage to tell her.

After I spoke to my family, for months, I was still working on figuring out and defining who I was. I found a youtube channel called, "Lesbian Answers" that changed my life. Everyday I watched Jenna's video's. Being able to hear someone speak about their experiences and give advice was a huge part of my personal growth.

Today, I am better than ever. I truly couldnt image my life any other way and never think of myself as "different." I am my own normal and I love me!

Feel free to message me, I would love to talk and hear your story!

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